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Uplink Physical Channels

NPUSCH symbol generation, decoding, and index generation, NPRACH FDD waveform generation and information

Physical channels correspond to sets of time-frequency resources that carry transport channel data and control information. LTE Toolbox™ functions support these physical channels:

Physical ChannelInformation Carried
Narrowband physical random access channel (NPRACH)Random access preambles used for initiation of random access procedure
Narrowband physical uplink shared channel (NPDSCH)User data and control information


lteNPRACHGenerate NPRACH FDD waveform (Since R2021a)
lteNPRACHDetectDetect NPRACH transmission (Since R2023a)
lteNPRACHInfoNPRACH resource information (Since R2021a)
lteNPUSCHGenerate NPUSCH symbols (Since R2020a)
lteNPUSCHIndicesGenerate NPUSCH RE indices (Since R2020a)
lteNPUSCHDecodeDecode NPUSCH symbols (Since R2020a)