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Python Libraries in MATLAB

Directly call Python® functionality from MATLAB®

You can access Python libraries directly from MATLAB by adding the py. prefix to the Python name. To call content in the Python standard library, add py. in front of the Python function or class name. To call content in available modules, add py. in front of the Python module name followed by the Python function or class name. For example:

py.list({'This','is a','list'})      % Calls built-in function list
py.textwrap.wrap('This is a string') % Calls wrap function in module textwrap

You do not need to import modules in order to use them. However, you may import Python names into your MATLAB function in the same way that you can import content in MATLAB packages. For more information, see Understanding Python and MATLAB import Commands.

If instead you want to call MATLAB functions from Python applications, see Calling MATLAB from Python for more information.


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pyenvChange default environment of Python interpreter
PythonEnvironmentPython environment information
pyargsCreate keyword arguments for Python function
matlab.exception.PyExceptionCapture error information for Python exception


Using Python Libraries

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