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Class Introspection and Metadata

Get detailed information about classes from class metadata

Metadata provides information about class definitions. Find information about all properties, methods, and events defined by the class without constructing objects of the class.


metaclassObtain meta.class object
meta.abstractDetailsFind abstract methods and properties
meta.class.fromNameReturn meta.class object associated with named class
meta.package.fromName Return meta.package object for specified package
meta.package.getAllPackagesGet all top-level packages
propertiesClass property names
methodsClass method names
eventsEvent names
superclassesNames of superclasses


meta.classDescribe MATLAB class
meta.propertyDescribe property of MATLAB class
meta.methodInformation about class method
meta.eventDescribe event defined by MATLAB class
meta.packageDescribe MATLAB package
meta.DynamicPropertyDescribe dynamic property of MATLAB object
meta.EnumeratedValueDescribe enumeration member of MATLAB class
meta.MetaDataRoot of the hierarchy of metaclasses
meta.ArrayDimension Size information for property validation
meta.Validation Describes property validation
meta.FixedDimension Fixed dimension in property size specification
meta.UnrestrictedDimension Unrestricted dimension in property size specification


Class Metadata

Metaclasses provide a way to inspect class definitions programmatically.

Class Introspection with Metadata

Inspect class member definitions using metadata.

Find Objects with Specific Values

Metaclasses support methods that enable you to search for objects with properties set to specific values.

Get Information About Properties

Use objects to find detailed information about object properties.

Find Default Values in Property Metadata

Use property metadata to find default values assigned to properties in the class definition.