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Call MATLAB from Java

Write Java® programs that work with MATLAB®

Call MATLAB functions and evaluate MATLAB statements from Java programs, synchronously or asynchronously. Java programs can pass data to and get data from the MATLAB workspace. The engine supports Java applications built with JDK™. For version information, see MATLAB Interfaces to Other Languages.

To call Java functions from MATLAB, see Call Java from MATLAB.


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matlab.engine.shareEngineConvert running MATLAB session to shared session
matlab.engine.engineNameReturn name of shared MATLAB session
matlab.engine.isEngineSharedDetermine if MATLAB session is shared


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com.mathworks.engine.MatlabEngineJava class using MATLAB as a computational engine
com.mathworks.matlab.types.ComplexJava class to pass complex data to and from MATLAB
com.mathworks.matlab.types.StructJava class to pass MATLAB struct to and from MATLAB
com.mathworks.matlab.types.CellStrJava class to represent MATLAB cell array of char vectors
com.mathworks.matlab.types.HandleObjectAbstract Java class to represent MATLAB handle objects
com.mathworks.matlab.types.ValueObjectAbstract Java class to represent MATLAB value objects (Since R2021a)


Getting Started

Java Engine API Overview

  • Java Engine API Summary
    Here is a summary of the classes and methods available to use the MATLAB Engine API for Java.
  • Java Data Type Conversions
    The MATLAB engine API provides mappings to pass Java data types to MATLAB and pass MATLAB data types to Java, including Java classes to accommodate MATLAB handle objects, cellstrs, structures, and complex arrays.

Using MATLAB Engine API for Java

Specialized MATLAB Types for Java


MATLAB Engine API Exceptions

The MATLAB Engine API for Java defines specific exception classes for MATLAB.

Pass Java Array Arguments to MATLAB

MATLAB and Java display multidimensional arrays differently, but indexed references to array elements produce the same results.

Incorrect Number of Output Arguments

If you are calling a MATLAB function with no or more than one output argument, you must provide that number in calls to the engine feval method.

Incorrect Java Data Types

In certain cases, you must convert to specific MATLAB types to support the requirements of the MATLAB function you are calling.