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Specify backward compatibility mode



    cdflib.setFileBackward(bcMode) sets the backward compatibility mode for new file creation.


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    Set the backward compatibility mode and then check its value.

    bcMode = cdflib.getFileBackward
    bcMode =

    Input Arguments

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    Backward compatibility mode, specified as "BACKWARDFILEoff" or "BACKWARDFILEon".

    Data Types: string | char

    More About

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    Backward Compatibility Mode

    When backward compatibility mode is enabled, any new CDF file created using version 3.0 or later of the CDF library will be readable by clients using version 2.7 of the library. Version 3.0 and later of the CDF library use a 64-bit file offset to allow for files larger than 2 GB. Versions of the CDF library before version 3.0 use a 32-bit file offset.


    • This function corresponds to the CDFsetFileBackward routine in the CDF library C API.

    • To use this function, you must be familiar with the CDF C interface. You can access the CDF documentation at the CDF website.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011a