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Copy and paste text to and from system clipboard



clipboard('copy',data) copies the specified data to the clipboard.


contents = clipboard('paste') returns the current contents of the clipboard. If clipboard is unable to retrieve the contents of the clipboard, contents is empty ('').


importedcontents = clipboard('pastespecial') imports the contents of the clipboard using the Import Tool.


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Copy a line of text into the clipboard and then paste it into an array.

clipboard('copy', 'This is the text that I want to copy');
contents = clipboard('paste')
contents = 
'This is the text that I want to copy'

Copy data into the clipboard and then import the clipboard data into MATLAB®.

Select the lines below, right-click, and then select Copy.


Import the clipboard data into MATLAB using the clipboard function. The Import Wizard opens.

A = clipboard('pastespecial')

In the Import Wizard, click Next and then Finish to import the contents of the clipboard into A.

Input Arguments

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Data to copy, specified as a numeric array, character vector, or string scalar.

Output Arguments

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Contents of the clipboard, returned as a character vector.

Contents of the clipboard imported from the Import Tool, returned as a structure array.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a