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Convex hull of Delaunay triangulation


C = convexHull(DT)
[C,v] = convexHull(DT)



C = convexHull(DT) returns the vertices of the convex hull of a Delaunay triangulation.


[C,v] = convexHull(DT) also returns the area or volume bounded by the convex hull.


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Compute and plot the convex hull of a 2-D Delaunay triangulation.

Create a Delaunay triangulation from a set of 2-D points.

x = gallery('uniformdata',[10,1],0);
y = gallery('uniformdata',[10,1],1);
DT = delaunayTriangulation(x,y);

Compute the convex hull.

C = convexHull(DT);

Plot the triangulation and highlight the convex hull in red.

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Compute and plot the convex hull of a 3-D Delaunay Triangulation.

Create a Delaunay triangulation from a 3-D set of points.

P = gallery('uniformdata',[25,3],1);
DT = delaunayTriangulation(P);

Compute the convex hull and the volume bounded by the convex hull.

[C,v] = convexHull(DT);

Display the volume and plot the convex hull.

v = 0.3561
trisurf(C,DT.Points(:,1),DT.Points(:,2),DT.Points(:,3), ...

Input Arguments

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Delaunay triangulation, specified as a scalar delaunayTriangulation object.

Data Types: delaunayTriangulation

Output Arguments

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Convex hull vertices, returned as a column vector or matrix of vertex IDs.

  • When DT is a 2-D triangulation, C is a column vector containing the sequence of vertex IDs around the convex hull. The vertex IDs are the row numbers of the vertices in the Points property.

  • When DT is 3-D triangulation, C is a 3-column matrix containing the connectivity list of triangle vertices in the convex hull.

Data Types: double

Area or volume of the convex hull, returned as a scalar.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2013a