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meta.EnumeratedValue class

Package: meta
Superclasses: meta.MetaData

Describe enumeration member of MATLAB class


The meta.EnumeratedValue class contains information about enumeration members defined by MATLAB® classes. The properties of a meta.EnumeratedValue object correspond to the attributes of the enumeration member being described.

All meta.EnumeratedValue properties are read-only. Query the meta.EnumeratedValue object to obtain information about the enumeration member it describes.

The meta.EnumeratedValue class is a handle class.

Class Attributes


For information on class attributes, see Class Attributes.


Obtain a meta.EnumeratedValue object from the EnumerationMemberList property of a meta.class object. EnumerationMemberList is an array of meta.EnumeratedValue instances, one per enumeration member.


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Name of enumeration member, returned as a character vector

Data Types: char

Currently not used.

Data Types: char

Currently not used.

Data Types: char

Is enumeration member hidden, returned as a logical value.

Data Types: logical

Class that defines the enumeration, returned as a meta.class object.

Data Types: meta.class


List Enumeration Member Names

Use the meta.class EnumerationMemberList property to get the names of the enumeration members defined in an enumeration class.

mc = ?matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState;
ans =


ans =

Introduced in R2009b