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Contact MathWorks and Use the arduinoSupport Function

If you need support from MathWorks®, see Contact Support.

Before contacting MathWorks, run the arduinoSupport function. This function returns following diagnostic information:

  • Installed Support Packages

  • MCR Version

  • Version of MATLAB and Installed Toolboxes

  • Hardware Information

  • Arduinoio.CLIRoot Path

  • Current Working Directory

  • MATLAB Root

  • List of all Arduino Libraries

  • Default Libraries Location

  • Board Information and Object Creation Status

  • MATLAB Path

  • MATLAB and Support Package Installer Log

The output from arduinoSupport is automatically saved to a text file, arduinoSupport.txt, which you can use to help troubleshoot your problem.

To have MATLAB® generate this file for you, type