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Flush all local data to the persistence service


purgedKeys = purge(c)



purgedKeys = purge(c) flushes all local data to the persistence service and removes it locally.


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Start a persistence service that uses Redis™ as the persistence provider. The service requires a connection name and an open port. Once the service is running, you can connect to the service using the connection name and create a cache.

ctrl = mps.cache.control('myRedisConnection','Redis','Port',4519);
c = mps.cache.connect('myCache', 'Connection', 'myRedisConnection');

Add keys and values to the cache.

put(c,'keyOne',10,'keyTwo',20,'keyThree',30,'keyFour',[400 500],'keyFive',magic(5))

Retain a few keys locally. For more information, see retain.

retain(c, {'keyOne','keyTwo'})

Modify the local keys and purge the data. Display the keys and values in the cache as a MATLAB® table.

put(c,'keyOne',rand(3),'keyTwo', eye(10))
purgedKeys = purge(c)
tt = table(keys(c), get(c,keys(c))','VariableNames',{'Keys','Values'})
purgedKeys =

  2×1 cell array


tt =

  5×2 table

       Keys           Values    
    __________    ______________

    'keyFive'     [ 5×5  double]
    'keyFour'     [ 1×2  double]
    'keyOne'      [ 3×3  double]
    'keyThree'    [          30]
    'keyTwo'      [10×10 double]

c = 

RedisCache with properties:

          Host: 'localhost'
          Port: 4519
          Name: 'myCache'
    Operations: "read | write | create | update"
     LocalKeys: {}
    Connection: 'myRedisConnection'

Use getp instead of dot notation to access properties.

Input Arguments

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A data cache represented by a persistence provider specific data cache object.

Currently, Redis and MATLAB are the only supported persistence providers. Therefore, the cache objects will be of type mps.cache.RedisCache or mps.cache.MATFileCache.

Example: c

Output Arguments

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List of keys that were written to the persistence service, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Introduced in R2018b