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Solver Outputs and Iterative Display

Definitions and meaning of solver outputs; details of iterative display

This section helps you understand or interpret output from your solver.


Output Summary

Function Output Arguments

Describes solver output arguments.

Output Details

Current Point and Function Value

What the x and fval outputs mean.

Exit Flags and Exit Messages

Describes the message that a solver prints at the end of its run and the associated exit flags.

Iterations and Function Counts

Gives basic information on solver progress.

First-Order Optimality Measure

An important criterion for determining whether a solution might be optimal.

Output Structures

Solver output structures, which are optional output giving details of the solver iterations.

Lagrange Multiplier Structures

Solver Lagrange multiplier structures, which are optional output giving details of the Lagrange multipliers associated with various constraint types.

Hessian Output

Describes the Hessian returned by fmincon or fminunc.

Plot Functions

Describes plot functions for displaying information on solver iterations.

Output Functions for Optimization Toolbox™

Describes how to make an optimization function call an output function at each iteration.

Iterative Display Details

Iterative Display

Describes iterative output you can display in the Command Window.