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Pause MATLAB Job Scheduler queue



pause(mjs) pauses the MATLAB® Job Scheduler queue of the cluster mjs. Jobs waiting in the queued state do not run. Jobs that are already running are paused after completion of tasks that are already running. No further jobs or tasks run until you call the resume function for the cluster.

If the MATLAB Job Scheduler is already paused, the pause function has no effect.


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This example shows how to pause the queue of a MATLAB Job Scheduler.

Create a cluster using the MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster.

c = parcluster(MJS_profile)
c = 

 MJS Cluster

Set the current client session port range to 21000-22000 with hostname fdm4.


To resume processing the jobs in the cluster queue, use the resume function.


Input Arguments

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MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster, specified as a parallel.cluster.MJS object.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a