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Induction motors

Bidirectional conversion between electrical and rotational energy using a squirrel cage or wound rotor induction motor.

Simscape Blocks

Induction Machine (Single-Phase)Single-phase induction machine with SI or pu fundamental parameterization
Induction Machine MeasurementPer-unit measurement from induction machine
Induction Machine Squirrel CageSquirrel-cage-rotor induction machine with per-unit or SI parameterization
Induction Machine Wound RotorWound-rotor induction machine with per-unit or SI parameterization
Simplified Induction MotorInduction motor powered by ideal AC supply


Machine Parameterization

Specify machine parameters using standard or fundamental parameterization methods.

Per-Unit Conversion for Machine Parameters

Machine blocks convert SI parameters to per-unit parameters.

Machine Plotting and Display Options

Display and plot output values for Simscape™ Electrical™ Power Systems machine blocks using the Electrical menu.