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Switches and Breakers

Single- and three-phase switches and circuit breakers

Use these blocks for protection in your electronic, mechatronic, or electrical power system.

Simscape Blocks

Circuit BreakerSingle-pole single-throw circuit breaker
Circuit Breaker (Three Phase)Three-phase circuit breaker controlled by external signal
Circuit Breaker (with arc)Single-pole single-throw circuit breaker with Mayr arc representation
DPDT SwitchDouble-pole double-throw switch
DPST SwitchDouble-pole single-throw switch
FuseFuse that protects against excessive current
RelaySwitching relay with associated delay
SPDT SwitchSingle-pole double-throw switch
SPDT Switch (Three-Phase)Three-phase single-pole double-throw switch
SPST SwitchSingle-pole single-throw switch
SPST Switch (Three-Phase) Three-phase single-pole single-throw switch


Essential Electrical Modeling Techniques

Apply Simscape™ modeling rules when you build electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system networks using Simscape Electrical™.

Three-Phase Ports

Connect three-phase blocks using composite ports for three-phase lines or expanded ports for single-phase lines.

Switch Between Physical Signal and Electrical Ports

Switch between a physical signal port and an electrical conserving port on a Simscape Electrical block.

Featured Examples