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Update a workspace ensemble with partitions of modified or added data computed in parallel processing

Since R2020a


refresh is a function used in code generated by Diagnostic Feature Designer.

refresh(wensemble,ensarray) updates the workspace ensemble object wensemble with the combined data partitions in ensarray.

To enable parallel processing, generated code creates data partitions that allow operations to run simultaneously. In code generated by Diagnostic Feature Designer, refresh updates wensemble at the conclusion of parallel processing when the computation of all variables and features for all partitions is complete. refresh reassembles the partitioned results that are stored in ensarray and replaces the original contents of wensemble with the new values.

Input Arguments

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Ensemble object, specified as a workspaceEnsemble object. wensemble contains ensemble data and specifies the variable names and types within the ensemble, such as data variables and condition variables.

New or updated ensemble data, specified as a cell array of workspaceEnsemble parallel-processing partitions.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a