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Report Generator Utilities

Functions for accessing Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and HTML applications and documents, and manipulating strings

These utility functions enable you to access and manipulate documents and applications directly, and to obtain, manipulate, and test files, characters, and strings.


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mlreportgen.utils.WordAppWrap Microsoft Word application
mlreportgen.utils.WordDocWrap a Microsoft Word doc file
mlreportgen.utils.word Interact with Microsoft Word and Word documents
mlreportgen.utils.PDFDocWrap PDF file for viewing
mlreportgen.utils.PPTAppWrap PowerPoint application
mlreportgen.utils.PPTPresWrap PowerPoint presentation file
mlreportgen.utils.powerpoint Interact with PowerPoint application and presentations
mlreportgen.utils.HTMLDocWrap HTML file for viewing
mlreportgen.utils.HTMXDocWrap HTMX document file for viewing
mlreportgen.utils.rptviewer Report document viewer manager
mlreportgen.utils.unitsConvert units
mlreportgen.utils.TableSliceTable slicer object output
mlreportgen.utils.TableSlicer Divide table into slices


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mlreportgen.utils.tidyCorrect and clean XML and HTML content
mlreportgen.utils.fileToURIConvert file path to Universal Resource Identifier (URI)
mlreportgen.utils.findFileFind file path
mlreportgen.utils.isFileLockedDetermine if file is locked
mlreportgen.utils.capitalizeFirstCharCapitalize first character of string
mlreportgen.utils.hashHash a piece of text
mlreportgen.utils.makeSingleLineText Convert input to single line
mlreportgen.utils.normalizeLinkIDNormalize a link target ID (Since R2020a)
mlreportgen.utils.normalizeStringRemove extra spaces and line feeds from text
mlreportgen.utils.toStringCreate string representation of MATLAB variable