SerDes Toolbox

Design SerDes systems and generate IBIS-AMI models for high-speed digital interconnects

SerDes Toolbox™ provides a MATLAB® and Simulink® model library and a set of analysis tools and apps for the design and verification of serializer/deserializer (SerDes) systems.

With the SerDes Designer app, you can use statistical analysis to rapidly design wired communications transmitters and receivers. The app provides MATLAB based parameterized models and algorithms that let you explore a wide range of equalizer configurations and generate eye diagrams to assess performance metrics.

With building blocks such as CTLE, DFE, FFE, and CDR, you can describe your chosen architecture and simulate control and adaptation algorithms. White-box examples of typical applications such as PCIe, USB, Ethernet, and DDR provide reference designs that you can use as a basis for your own designs.

SerDes Toolbox supports automatic generation of dual IBIS-AMI models. These models can be used with third-party channel simulators for system integration and verification.

Get Started

Learn the basics of SerDes Toolbox

Design and Simulate SerDes Systems

Design and simulate SerDes systems using the SerDes Designer app

Customize SerDes Systems

Modify MATLAB scripts or Simulink models exported from SerDes Designer app

Create and Customize IBIS-AMI Models

Customize, create, and export IBIS-AMI models from Simulink

Industry Standard IBIS-AMI Models

Develop industry standard IBIS-AMI models such as PCI, DDR, and Ethernet