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Convert transfer function filter parameters to lattice filter form


[k,v] = tf2latc(b,a)
k = tf2latc(1,a)
[k,v] = tf2latc(1,a)
k = tf2latc(b)
k = tf2latc(b,'phase')


[k,v] = tf2latc(b,a) finds the lattice parameters k and the ladder parameters v for an IIR (ARMA) lattice-ladder filter, normalized by a(1). Note that an error is generated if one or more of the lattice parameters are exactly equal to 1.

k = tf2latc(1,a) finds the lattice parameters k for an IIR all-pole (AR) lattice filter.

[k,v] = tf2latc(1,a) returns the scalar ladder coefficient at the correct position in vector v. All other elements of v are zero.

k = tf2latc(b) finds the lattice parameters k for an FIR (MA) lattice filter, normalized by b(1).

k = tf2latc(b,'phase') specifies the type of FIR (MA) lattice filter, where 'phase' is

  • 'max', for a maximum phase filter.

  • 'min', for a minimum phase filter.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a