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Import, build, and export mechanistic or PKPD representation of system dynamics

Build mechanistic or PKPD models graphically using a block diagram editor or programmatically using MATLAB® functions. SimBiology® provides libraries of built-in elements, such as units and blocks, for building models. You can save models in a SimBiology project or export them to Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) files. SimBiology also lets you import models from SBML files.

  • Import Models
    Import from SBML, open SimBiology project files
  • Build Models
    Represent dynamics of mechanistic systems biology models, or PKPD systems
  • Export Models
    Export models and data to standard formats such as SBML, and Excel®, generate project reports
  • Extend Modeling Environment
    Define custom kinetic laws, units, and unit prefixes

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