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Set the Model Loading Preference

By default, when you load an existing model, the license manager checks whether it has been saved in Full or Restricted mode and tries to open it in this mode. However, you can set your preferences so that the models are always open in Restricted mode, regardless of the way they have been saved.

  1. On the MATLAB® Toolstrip, click Preferences. The Preferences dialog box opens.

  2. In the left pane of the Preferences dialog box, select Simscape. The right pane displays the Editing Mode group box. By default, the Load models using option is set to Editing mode specified in models.

  3. Select Restricted mode always from the drop-down list, as shown, and click OK.

Now, when you open a model, the license manager does not attempt to check out add-on product licenses and always opens the model in Restricted mode.

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