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Switch from Restricted to Full Mode

If you need to perform a task that is disallowed in Restricted mode, you can try to switch the model to Full mode.

  1. In the Simulink® Toolstrip at the top of the model window, open the Modeling tab and click Model Settings. The Configuration Parameters dialog box opens.

  2. In the left pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box, select Simscape. The right pane displays the Editing Mode option.

  3. Select Full from the drop-down list, as shown, and click OK.

    The license manager checks whether all the add-on product licenses for this model are available. If yes, it checks out the add-on product licenses and switches the model to Full mode. If a add-on product license is not available, the license manager issues an error message and the model stays in Restricted mode.


If the switch to Full mode fails but some of the add-on product licenses have already been checked out, they stay checked out until you quit the MATLAB® session. For more information, see Example with Multiple Add-On Products.

Once the model is switched to Full mode, you can perform the needed design and simulation tasks, and then either save it in Full mode, or switch back to Restricted mode and save it in Restricted mode.

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