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Improve simulation speed with accelerator and rapid accelerator modes

Use Accelerator and Rapid Accelerator modes to achieve faster simulation without changing the model itself. To find out more, see What Is Acceleration?


simSimulate a Simulink model
set_paramSet system and block parameter values
Simulink.BlockDiagram.buildRapidAcceleratorTargetBuild Rapid Accelerator target for model and return run-time parameter set
Simulink.BlockDiagram.getChecksumReturn checksum of model
Simulink.SubSystem.getChecksumReturn checksum of nonvirtual subsystem
slbuildBuild standalone executable file or model reference target for model

Examples and How To

Design Your Model for Effective Acceleration

Techniques to apply when using acceleration

Perform Acceleration

How to configure and run an accelerated model

Interact with the Acceleration Modes Programmatically

How to use command-line parameters

Run Accelerator Mode with the Simulink Debugger

How to use the Accelerator mode with the debugger

How to Improve Performance in Acceleration Modes

Ways to improve acceleration performance


What Is Acceleration?

Introduces the accelerator and rapid accelerator modes.

How Acceleration Modes Work

Compares and contrasts normal, accelerator, and rapid accelerator modes.

Choosing a Simulation Mode

Based on your simulation needs, select to run your simulation in Normal, Accelerator, and Rapid Accelerator modes.

Code Regeneration in Accelerated Models

Describes the conditions under which code is regenerated

Comparing Performance

Understanding acceleration speed tradeoffs, and measuring performance

Featured Examples