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Create Large-Scale Model Components

Create components by integrating Simulink® models, external tools, C/C++ code, or Python code

If you consider the V-model for Model-Based Design with Simulink, the right side of the V-model identifies the steps for the assembly and integration of your components, see Model-Based Design with Simulink. Before creating your large-scale model components by integrating them into Simulink, it is assumed that you have unit-tested the individual components of your system, see Test Model Components.

Create large-scale model components by integrating wide range of components from various sources such as:

  • Components created in Simulink, such as subsystems, models, and multiversion components

  • Components defined from external tools using FMUs and co-simulation interfaces

  • Components defined using C/C++, Python, or Fortran code

You can also create your custom components using block authoring tools. For more information, see Author Block Algorithms.