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Collaborative Model Editing

Annotate, share, reuse, standardize, print, and protect the confidentiality of model content

Learn how to collaborate in the Simulink® editing environment. Discover how to annotate, share, reuse, print, and protect the confidentiality of the contents of a model.

When you are working with others on a model, you can communicate information related to the model and your edits through text that is saved with the model file. To add labels or short descriptions to the model canvas, use annotations. To communicate with your colleagues about blocks that you are editing, use block comments. To add background information or instructions to a model, use notes.

You and others can share and reuse the model content you create. To share blocks you edit or custom blocks you make, use custom block libraries. To create independent copies of a subsystem within a model, use Subsystem blocks. To reuse the content of subsystems and models in other models, use Subsystem Reference and Model blocks. To decide which component to use, see Component-Based Modeling Guidelines.

If you want to share a model with a third party without revealing the model contents, protect the model. Creating a protected model requires a Simulink Coder™ license. You can reuse the content of protected models in other models using Model blocks. To learn more, see Model Protection (Simulink Coder).

To collaborate on the development or maintenance of one or more models, consider creating a project. Projects can help you organize and share files and interact with source control. To learn more, see Project Management.


Add Text to Models

Share, Reuse, and Standardize Model Content

Protect Confidential Content

Print Models