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Signal resolution


Select how a model resolves signals and states to Simulink.Signal objects. See Explicit and Implicit Symbol Resolution for more information.

Category: Diagnostics


Default: Explicit only


Do not perform signal resolution. None of the signals, states, Stateflow® data, and MATLAB Function block data in the model can resolve to Simulink.Signal objects.

This setting does not affect data stores that you define by creating Simulink.Signal objects (instead of using Data Store Memory blocks).

Explicit only

Do not perform implicit signal resolution. Only explicitly specified signal resolution occurs. This is the recommended setting.

Explicit and implicit

Perform implicit signal resolution wherever possible, without posting any warnings about the implicit resolutions.

Explicit and warn implicit

Perform implicit signal resolution wherever possible, posting a warning of each implicit resolution that occurs.


  • To reduce the dependency of the model on variables and objects in workspaces and data dictionaries, which can improve model portability, readability, and ease of maintenance, use None.

    When you use this setting, migrate design attributes from existing Simulink.Signal objects into the model by using block parameters and signal properties (for example, in the Model Data Editor or in Signal Properties dialog boxes).

  • Use the Signal Properties dialog box to specify explicit resolution for signals. For more information, see Signal Properties.

  • Use the State Attributes pane on dialog boxes of blocks that have discrete states, e.g., the Discrete-Time Integrator block, to specify explicit resolution for discrete states.

  • Multiple signals can resolve to the same signal object and have the properties that the object specifies. However, the signal object cannot use a storage class other than Auto or Reusable.

  • MathWorks® discourages using implicit signal resolution except for fast prototyping, because implicit resolution slows performance, complicates model validation, and can have nondeterministic effects.

  • Simulink® software provides the disableimplicitsignalresolution function, which you can use to change settings throughout a model so that it does not use implicit signal resolution.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: SignalResolutionControl
Value: 'None' | 'UseLocalSettings' | 'TryResolveAll' | 'TryResolveAllWithWarning'
Default: 'UseLocalSettings'
SignalResolutionControl ValueEquivalent Signal Resolution Value
'UseLocalSettings'Explicit only
'TryResolveAll'Explicit and implicit
'TryResolveAllWithWarning'Explicit and warn implicit

Recommended Settings

DebuggingExplicit only or None
TraceabilityExplicit only or None
EfficiencyExplicit only or None
Safety precautionExplicit only

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