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Multicore Processor Targets

Model concurrent execution for systems designed for deployment on a multicore or FPGA system

Multicore programming, or modeling for concurrent execution, helps you to create concurrent systems for deployment on multicore processor and multiprocessor systems. Examples of such systems are signal-processing and plant-control systems. Simulink® partitioning and mapping techniques help you to overcome common challenges in designing systems for concurrent execution.

The figure shows a sample system with multiple functions designed to execute on a CPU- and FPGA-based multiprocessor system. The system is partitioned into multiple components that are mapped to the CPU task scheduler or the FPGA.

To learn the fundamentals of multicore programming, see Concepts in Multicore Programming. For information on how to design systems for concurrent execution in Simulink, see Multicore Programming with Simulink.


Simulink.architecture.configCreate or convert configuration for concurrent execution
Simulink.architecture.addAdd tasks or triggers to selected architecture of model
Simulink.architecture.deleteDelete triggers and tasks from selected architecture of model
Simulink.architecture.find_systemFind objects under architecture object
Simulink.architecture.get_paramGet configuration parameters of architecture objects
Simulink.architecture.importAndSelectImport and select target architecture for concurrent execution environment for model
Simulink.architecture.profileGenerate profile report for model configured for concurrent execution
Simulink.architecture.registerAdd custom target architecture to concurrent execution target architecture selector
Simulink.architecture.set_paramSet architecture object properties


Simulink.GlobalDataTransferConfigure concurrent execution data transfers


Concurrent Execution ToolSpecify tasks, triggers, and nodes for concurrent execution of a Simulink model


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