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Set the sample time of an output port that inherits its sample time from the port to which it is connected






SetOutputPortSampleTime(s, port, time)



Instance of Simulink.MSFcnRunTimeBlock class representing the S-Function block.


Integer value specifying the index of port whose sampling mode is to be set.


Two-element array, [period offset], that specifies the period and offset of the times that this port produces output.


The Simulink® engine calls this method with the sample time that port inherits from the port to which it is connected.

For Level-2 MATLAB S-functions, if the inherited sample time is acceptable, this method sets the sample time and offset time using the line

s.OutputPort(port).SampleTime = time;

This method can set the sample time of any other input or output port whose sample time derives from the sample time of port, setting the SampleTime property of the Simulink.BlockPortData object associated with the port in Level-2 MATLAB S-functions.

Normally, sample times are propagated forward; however, if sources feeding this block have inherited sample times, the engine might choose to back-propagate known sample times to this block. When back-propagating sample times, this method is called in succession for all inherited output port signals.

See SetInputPortSampleTime for more information about when this method is called.

Version History

Introduced in R2012b