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Signal Processing

Model signal processing and communications systems using DSP System Toolbox™ software

To model signal processing systems in the Simulink® environment, consider using DSP System Toolbox software.

DSP System Toolbox provides algorithms and tools for the design and simulation of signal processing systems. These capabilities are provided as MATLAB® functions, MATLAB System objects, and Simulink blocks. The system toolbox includes design methods for specialized FIR and IIR filters, FFTs, multirate processing, and DSP techniques for processing streaming data and creating real-time prototypes. You can design adaptive and multirate filters, implement filters using computationally efficient architectures, and simulate floating-point digital filters. Tools for signal I/O from files and devices, signal generation, spectral analysis, and interactive visualization enable you to analyze system behavior and performance. For rapid prototyping and embedded system design, the system toolbox supports fixed-point arithmetic and C or HDL code generation.


Get Started with Signal Processing in Simulink

Signal Processing Applications

About DSP System Modeling

  • Sample- and Frame-Based Concepts (DSP System Toolbox)
    Explore basic signal concepts in the context of a Simulink model. Learn more about sample-based processing and frame-based processing.
  • Delay and Latency (DSP System Toolbox)
    Configure the Simulink environment to minimize delay and increase simulation performance.
  • Fixed-Point Signal Processing (DSP System Toolbox)
    Discusses advantages of fixed-point development in general and of fixed-point support in System Toolbox software in particular, as well as lists common applications of fixed-point signal processing development.
  • Variable-Size Signal Basics
    Create a variable-size signal whose size and values can change during a simulation.
  • Tune and Experiment with Block Parameter Values
    As you construct a model you can experiment with block parameters, such as the coefficients of a Transfer Fcn block, to help you decide which blocks to use.

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