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Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options Class

Namespace: Simulink.sfunction.analyzer

Create an object to specify options for running S-function checks


Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options object is created through the constructor Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options(). Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options object captures the options for running S-function checks. These checks include whether to enable Polyspace® and Parameter Robustness checks, maximum model simulation time and output path for result report.


opts= Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options() returns a options object with these property values:

       EnablePolyspace: 0
      EnableRobustness: 0
EnableUsePublishedOnly: 0
            ReportPath: pwd
       ModelSimTimeOut: 10


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Boolean type check to determine whether to include Polyspace Code Prover check.


These checks usually take some time to run.

Boolean type check to indicate whether to include Robustness checks.


These checks usually take some time to run.

Path to the generated report directory.

Maximum model simulation time in seconds.

Check to indicate if any undocumented S-function APIs are used in the code.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b