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Add Files to the Project

If you create a project from a folder, from a model, or with a Git™ or SVN template from the start page, then the project setup helps you add initial files to the project. If you create a new blank project, then the project files view is empty and you need to add files to the project.

To display all files in your project folder (or projectroot), in the Files view, click All. You might not want to include all files in your project. For example, you might want to exclude some files under projectroot from your project, such as SVN or CVS source control folders.

To add existing files to your project:

  1. On the Project tab, click the down arrow to expand the Tools gallery. Under Project Files, click Add Files.

  2. Select from the list of unmanaged files in the project folder.

    Use Add Files any time you want to check for new files not yet added to the project.

Alternatively, you can use these methods to add files:

  • In the All files view, select files or folders, right-click, and select Add to Project or Add to Project (including child files).

  • To add files to your project, cut and paste or drag and drop files from a file browser or the Current Folder browser onto the Project files view. If you drag a file from outside the project root, this moves the file and adds it to your project. You can drag files within project root to move them.

  • Add and remove project files at the command line using addFile.

To create new files or folders in the project, right-click a white space in the Files view and select New Folder or New File. The new files are added to the project.

To learn how to set up your project with all required files, see Run a Dependency Analysis.

To add or remove project folders from the MATLAB® search path, see Specify Project Path.

To configure your project to automatically run startup and shutdown tasks, see Automate Startup Tasks.

You can access your recent projects direct from MATLAB. See Open Recent Projects.

If you want to add source control, see Add a Project to Source Control.

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