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View Data During Simulation

View data during simulation using Scope blocks, the Record block, or the Simulation Data Inspector

Scope blocks and scope viewers offer a quick way to visualize simulation data over time. If you are prototyping a model, connect signals to a Scope block, simulate the model, and then view the results in a scope window. Use the results to validate your design. If you need to debug your model, use oscilloscope-like tools in the Scope, such as triggers and cursor measurements, to locate the problem. To learn more, see Prototype and Debug Models with Scopes.


ScopeDisplay signals generated during simulation
Floating Scope and Scope ViewerDisplay signals generated during simulation without signal lines
RecordLog data to the workspace, to a file, or both (Since R2021a)


TimeScopeConfigurationControl Scope block appearance and behavior


Simulation Data InspectorInspect and compare data and simulation results to validate and iterate model designs


Simulink.sdi.addTriggerAdd trigger to signal to control display updates in the Simulation Data Inspector (Since R2020b)
Simulink.sdi.getTriggerGet signal and trigger options for trigger configured in the Simulation Data Inspector (Since R2020b)
Simulink.sdi.removeTriggerRemove trigger from signal in the Simulation Data Inspector (Since R2020b)
Simulink.sdi.setRecordDataSpecify record mode for logging (Since R2021a)
Simulink.sdi.getRecordDataCheck record mode for logging (Since R2021a)