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Use CAD Models with the Simulink 3D Animation Product


These topics assumes that the reader has a moderate knowledge of the Simulink® 3D Animation™ product. For VRML-specific information, such as the description of nodes and their fields, refer to the VRML97 standard.

Use of CAD Designs

When you work with models of dynamic systems, often it is helpful to visualize them in a three-dimensional virtual reality environment. If most of the 3D designs in your organization are created using CAD tools, convert these designs into forms that you can be use with:

  • Simulink models

  • Simscape™ Multibody™ models

  • MATLAB® models

To adapt existing CAD designs for visualization using the Simulink 3D Animation software:

  • Import CAD designs

  • Integrate the virtual world created from the imported CAD model into the Simulink 3D Animation environment.

Import CAD Designs

You can use the following techniques to import CAD designs for use in the Simulink 3D Animation product:

  • Import STL and Physical Modeling file directly

  • Import VRML models from CAD tools

  • Import VRML models from CATIA® software

Integrate the Imported Model Virtual World

After you import the CAD model, use the Simulink 3D Animation software to modify the resulting virtual world so that you can use it effectively. Also, create associations between the virtual world and Simulink and Simscape Multibody models.

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