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Generate configuration file for XIL ports object

Since R2021b



slrealtime.createPortConfigureFile(xmlFilename,ipAddress,appFilepath) generates an XML file that configures a XIL MAPort, ECUMPort, and ECUCPort object for third-party software, such as ECU-TEST.


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To generate a ports object configuration for third-party software, such as ECU-TEST, use the createPortConfigureFile function.

This function generates an XML file myConfigureFile.xml that configures a ports object (for third-party software, such as ECU-TEST) for a target computer at IP address and a real-time application myModel.


Input Arguments

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Provides the XML file name for the configuration file.

Example: 'myConfigureFile.xml'

Provides the IP address of the target computer.

Example: ''

Provides the path to the real-time application MLDATX file.

Example: 'myModel'

Version History

Introduced in R2021b