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Simulink Real-Time Command-Line Interface in MATLAB

You can interact with the Simulink® Real-Time™ environment through the MATLAB® command-line interface. On your development computer, enter Simulink Real-Time functions in the MATLAB Command Window. You can also write your own MATLAB scripts that use Simulink Real-Time functions for batch processing.

The Simulink Real-Time software has more than 50 MATLAB functions for controlling the real-time application from the development computer. These functions define command-line operations that you can do in the Simulink Real-Time environment.

Complete your most common tasks by using the Simulink Real-Time UIs. Through the UIs, you have access to the Simulink Real-Time capabilities, but not their extended functionality. The command-line interface provides an interactive environment that you can extend.

The MATLAB command-line interface includes:

  • Environment — Configure target computers and change the environment properties without using a graphical interface.

  • Control — Restart the target computer, download a real-time application, start the real-time application, change stop time without regenerating code, and stop the real-time application.

  • Signal acquisition — Transfer logged signal data to the MATLAB workspace by uploading data from the target computer to the Simulation Data Inspector on the development computer between runs. For more information, see list.

  • Parameter tuning — Change tunable block parameters and tunable global parameters while the real-time application is running or change parameters in between runs.

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