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IBM Rational DOORS Traceability

Link model objects to IBM® Rational® DOORS® requirements, navigate between model objects and requirements

Establish bidirectional traceability between requirements in IBM Rational DOORS modules and artifacts in Simulink® and MATLAB®.


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
RptgenRMI.doorsAttribsIBM Rational DOORS attributes in requirements report
slreq.dngConfigureConfigure IBM DOORS Next session in MATLAB
slreq.dngCountLinksGet number of links to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation artifacts
slreq.dngGetProjectConfigQuery known configurations from IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation server
slreq.dngGetUsedConfigQuery used IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation configurations from MATLAB/Simulink artifacts
slreq.dngUpdateConfigUpdate links to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation configuration


Configure Requirements Management Interface for IBM Rational DOORS Software

Copy additional MATLAB files into your DOORS software installation.

Requirements Traceability with IBM DOORS Next

Create links to requirements in IBM DOORS Next.

Navigate to Requirements in IBM Rational DOORS Databases from Simulink

Navigate from your Simulink model to a DOORS requirements document and vice-versa.

Synchronize Simulink Models with IBM Rational DOORS Databases by using Surrogate Modules

Learn how to synchronize a Simulink model using the IBM Rational DOORS software.

Managing Requirements for Fault-Tolerant Fuel Control System (IBM Rational DOORS)

The Requirements Management Interface (RMI) provides tools for creating and reviewing links between Simulink objects and requirements documents.

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