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Requirements Traceability

Link requirements and model elements, specify relationships, add markup, review traceability to models and code, check consistency

Create requirement links to establish traceability to model elements, test cases, test harnesses, MATLAB® code lines, data dictionaries, Stateflow® elements, System Composer™ architecture models, and other requirements. Specify the link type to convey the nature of the relationship, such as a model element that implements a functional requirement or a test harness that verifies a test specification. Create custom requirement and link types to extend the default linking capabilities.

Use the Requirements Perspective View to view requirement details of design elements on the Simulink® Editor.


slreq.LinkSet Work with link sets
slreq.Link Work with link objects


setDestination Set requirement link destination
setSource Set requirement link source


slreq.cmConfigureVersionSet version of linked requirements documents
slreq.cmGetVersionGet configured version of linked requirements documents
slreq.clearClear requirements and links from memory
slreq.createLinkCreate traceable links
slreq.findFind requirement, reference, and link set artifacts
slreq.generateTraceabilityDiagramCreate a traceability diagram
slreq.generateTraceabilityMatrixCreate traceability matrix
slreq.getExternalURLGet navigation URL for link source or destination, requirement, test or Simulink model element
slreq.getTraceabilityMatrixOptionsCreate options structure for traceability matrix
slreq.inLinksGet incoming links for requirement or other linkable item
slreq.loadLoad requirements/link set
slreq.outLinksGet outgoing links for a block or other linkable item
slreq.showNavigate to link source or destination
slreq.structToObjConvert link source or destination information from structure to model object type


Create Links

Requirement Links

Specify how requirements relate to Simulink blocks, Stateflow objects, generated code, and to each other.

Link Blocks and Requirements

Associate requirements with elements in your model by using the Simulink canvas.

Link to Test Cases from Requirements

Associate test cases with requirements.

Requirements Traceability for MATLAB Code Lines

Create, manage, and navigate traceability links between lines in MATLAB code files and requirements information in external documents.

Customize Links

Define Custom Requirement and Link Types

Create custom requirement and link types.

Customize Links with Custom Attributes

Track more information about links by creating custom attributes.

Visualize, Manage, and Troubleshoot Links

Track Requirement Links with a Traceability Matrix

Track and manage links and change issues with the Traceability Matrix.

Visualize Links with a Traceability Diagram

Visualize the traceability structure of requirements and other Model-Based Design items with the Traceability Diagram.

Assess Allocation and Impact

Assess the allocation of requirements and impact of changes.

Requirements Consistency Checks

Check for missing or unresolved links.

Link with Third-Party Applications

Link to Requirements in Microsoft Word Documents

Link from requirements in a Word document to Simulink blocks.

Link to Requirements in Excel Workbooks

Link from Microsoft® Excel® documents to requirements when using Windows® platforms.

Link and Trace Requirements with IBM DOORS Next

Link to requirements in IBM® DOORS® Next.

Manage Navigation Backlinks in External Requirements Documents

Insert hyperlinks to navigate from requirements documents to model elements in Simulink.

Featured Examples