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Report Requirements Information

To document your requirements for review, you can create a report for one or more requirement sets. You can select the requirements information to contain in the report, including:

  • Navigable links to model entities and other requirements

  • Requirements change and revision information

  • Implementation and Verification status summaries

You can create reports in .docx (Microsoft® Word), PDF and HTML formats. If you select multiple requirement sets for reporting, the information is contained in a single report.

You can create reports using the Report Generation Options dialog box or programmatically by using the slreq.generateReport function.

The Report Generation options dialog box shows the included requirement sets, crs_req and crs_req_func_spec. The report title field is set to Requirements Report and the Report authors field is set to jdoe.

To create a report by using the Report Generation Options dialog box:

  1. Right-click a requirement set in the Requirements Editor or Requirements Browser, and select Generate Report.

    To create a report with multiple requirement sets, click Export > Generate Report.

    The Report Generation Options dialog box opens.

  2. Set the report file name and location by clicking the Select button next to the file name.

  3. Select report content options.


    If you select Empty Sections, the report still includes the empty values for the Requirement Type, Custom ID, Summary, and Description properties of your requirements.

  4. Select requirement sets to include in the report. The dialog box displays requirement sets that are loaded in memory. To include a requirement set that does not appear in the list, first open the requirement set using the Requirements Editor.

  5. Click Generate Report.

The Report Appendix provides summaries of all the change issues and requirement set artifacts that you create the report for.

Report Navigation Links

The requirements report contains links you can use to navigate to model items and other requirements. For example, this requirement is implemented by two model entities, and is derived from two requirements. Hold Ctrl and click a link to open the linked item.

The Links section of the report shows the links for the crs_req and crs_req_func_spec requirement sets. The table shows two links for each requirement set and lists the linked item names and the link types.

If you use slreq.generateReport to generate a report as a Microsoft Word document, you must update the Table of Contents manually. Open the report, select the contents, and press F9.

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