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Merge Requirement Set and Link Set Files with No Conflicts

This example explains how you can merge changes from multiple requirement set and link set files when there is no conflict.

If you are editing a requirements file which is also concurrently modified by another user, you can get the changes from the other user using Git™ merge. If you want to merge the files, you first have to make sure you have Git and run the comparisons.ExternalSCMLink.setupGitConfig command.

To merge a file without any conflict:

1. At the MATLAB® command prompt, enter:


Running the script slreqCCMergeSetup.m, attached with this example sets up two branches, User1Feature and User2Feature, where User2Feature is the current active branch.

2. To inspect the changes in each branch, switch to that branch and right-click the file in the current folder browser and select Compare To Ancestor under Source Control.

3. To merge changes from User1Feature branch to User2Feature branch, set User2Feature branch as the current branch and select User1Feature branch in Branch Browser. Then, click Merge to execute the merge operation.

4. To confirm if the changes have merged successfully into the User2Feature branch, select the file in the current folder browser and click Compare to Ancestor.

5. Close the project by entering:


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