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Power Converter Model Fidelity Comparison

This example shows how to use different levels of fidelity in power converters. The system contains three converters. The top converter uses ideal switches and protection diodes at a 10 us sample time. To yield accurate results even though the model is under sampled at 50 us sample time, the middle converter uses averaged switches with averaged pulses. To further increase the sample rate and to operate as an ideal averaged converter, the bottom converter uses averaged switches and modulation waveforms instead of gate pulses. The Control subsystem contains a three-phase, two-level PWM waveform generator. The Scopes subsystem contains Scope blocks that allow you to see the simulation results.


Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the comparison of the DC currents, as well as the AC a-phase currents.

The plot below shows the comparison of the DC voltage, as well as the AC a-phase voltage.