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Compare first N characters of strings in Stateflow chart (case insensitive)

Since R2021b



tf = strncmpi(str1,str2,n) compares the first n characters of str1 and str2, ignoring any differences in letter case. The operator returns 1 (true) if the strings are identical and 0 (false) otherwise.


The operator strncmpi is not supported in Stateflow® charts that use C as the action language.


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Set x to 1 (true) because the first 13 characters in the strings match when you ignore case. Set y to 0 (false) because the first 14 characters in the strings do not match.

str1 = "Hello, world!";
str2 = "hello, World!!!!!!!!!!!!";
x = strncmpi(str1,str2,13);
y = strncmpi(str1,str2,14);

Stateflow chart that uses the srtncmpi operator in a state.

Input Arguments

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Input strings, specified as string scalars. Enclose literal string with double quotes.

Example: "Hello"

Number of characters checked, starting at the beginning of each string, specified as a positive integer.


Version History

Introduced in R2021b