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Manage Profiles

Link and unlink profiles and order stereotypes


Use the Manage Profiles tool to import profiles into the current architecture model, associated data dictionaries, and linked models, or remove profiles that have already been imported.

The imported profiles appear in an expanding list by name under the model or dictionary to which a profile is linked.

To manage the priority order of the stereotypes from all imported profiles, click Manage Stereotype Order. To define and edit profiles, use the Profile Editor tool.

Manage Profiles Tool

Open the Manage Profiles

  • System Composer™ toolstrip: Navigate to Modeling > Profile Editor > Manage.


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Import a profile into the selected architecture model, architecture subsystem, Simulink® model or subsystem,or data dictionary by navigating to the current directory and choosing a profile with an .xml extension.

Remove the selected profile on the expander list from the model or dictionary to which the profile is linked.

Manage the priority order of stereotypes for imported profiles so that when multiple profiles are applied to a model element, the highest priority stereotype will display stereotype-based styling.

For more information, see Change Stereotype Order Using Manage Profiles Tool.


Connector styling is sourced from the highest-priority stereotype that defines style information. Connector stereotypes have the highest priority, followed by port stereotypes and then interface stereotypes. When two connectors with different styling merge, if the styling is incompatible, the resulting connector is displayed in black.

Programmatic Use

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model.applyProfile(profile) links a profile to the model.

model.removeProfile(profile) unlinks a profile from the model.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019a