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Act on Data

Use ThingSpeak™ apps to trigger an action or transform and visualize data

You can upload data from the web or send data from devices to a ThingSpeak IoT platform channel. Use these apps to transform and visualize data on ThingSpeak channels or trigger an action.

Use the Alerts API interface to schedule emails in response to ThingSpeak data.

Use the TalkBack API interface to control your TalkBack device queue.

Alerts API

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Send AlertCreate email alert with HTTP POST
Get Alert HistoryGet alerts history with HTTP GET

TalkBack API

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Add CommandAdd TalkBack command to TalkBack queue
Get CommandGet TalkBack command from TalkBack queue
Get All CommandsGet all TalkBack commands from TalkBack queue
Get Last CommandGet last executed TalkBack command from TalkBack queue
Update CommandUpdate command in TalkBack queue
Execute CommandExecute next TalkBack command in TalkBack queue
Write Data and Execute TalkBack CommandUpdate channel data with HTTP GET or POST and execute TalkBack command
Delete CommandDelete TalkBack command from TalkBack queue
Delete All CommandsDelete all TalkBack commands in TalkBack queue


Trigger Actions on your ThingSpeak Data

Use ThingSpeak to Act on Other Websites

Analyze and Display Data

Act on Your Devices with TalkBack

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