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Get Started with the Extended Tire Features for Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

The Extended Tire Features for Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ provides a set of tools to work with tire data and integrate tire models into vehicle simulations. Tire data describes the operating conditions of a tire, and tire models describe tire behavior with mathematical models. Tire models and tire data are both needed to calculate tire responses.

Using the tireData and tireModel functions and methods, you can:

  • Directly import tire data from Tyre Data Exchange Format (TYDEX) files.

  • Create tire models from the supported tire model types:

    • Magic Formula 6.2

    • Dugoff

    • Fiala

  • Perform computations on tire data using tire model parameter sets to calculate tire responses.

  • Fit tire models to specified tire responses.

  • Export tire model parameter values for use in the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset.

Support Package Installation and Examples

Follow these steps for instructions to install the support package, become familiar with the data available, and for examples demonstrating the support package capabilities.