Intersection points of multiply lines?

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hu on 31 Oct 2013
Answered: Simon on 31 Oct 2013
In the last couple of days and nights I am trying to find a way to get the intersection points of 3 lines without any success since I encounter special cases (e.g., slope=0 or Inf, -Inf). Any idea how to get the intersection points that will work both on case 1 and case 2 (Visually presented in the attached image).
Thanks a lot in advance.

Accepted Answer

Simon on 31 Oct 2013
Take a look at the great pages of Paul Bourke: You can find a matlab code for the distance of two lines in 3d in section "The shortest line between two lines in 3D" on page
You can as well use 2d coordinates with the third entry 0. Then you just check every line against the others.

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