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Luca Amerio
Luca Amerio on 31 Oct 2013
Commented: Luca Amerio on 31 Oct 2013
Hi everybody
I have a perfectly functioning GUIDE that i would like to duplicate since i need both it and a slightly different version of it. The problem is that the GUIDE file (.fig) seems to be disconnected from his script.
I try to explain it a little better:
  • Item one the "editor" button in the tool-bar is disabled (grey)
  • Item one if I save the GUIDE with a different name (official and only way to rename a GUIDE and his script) the script name doesn't change. However the GUIDE keeps working, even with the .m file and the .fig file have different names.
  • Item one if I click "show callback" it opens the property inspector, instead of the function in the .m file
How can i "reconnect" them without having to re-do all the work from scratch?
If i copy all the button in a new GUIDE file, all the tag will be messed up and even if i copy-paste the script it will be a nightmare to fix them.
Any smarter solution? And moreover, what the hell caused this problem?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

ES on 31 Oct 2013
open the working GUI. Make sure in the Tools-> GUI Options the Generate Fig File and m File Option is selected and save the GUI by a new name. This will give you a GUI and m file by the same name. See if this works.
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Luca Amerio
Luca Amerio on 31 Oct 2013
In the GUI option you told me to look, the "Generate FIG file only" was selected. Changing it back to "Generate FIG file and MATLAB file" solved the problem.
I really don't know why it switched, but the important thing is that it has been solved.
Thank you very much

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