How to insert a row into a ui table??

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Animesh on 19 Dec 2013
Answered: ES on 19 Dec 2013
I have made a GUI which captures the image from a webcam upon pressing a push button.I want to save the image alomg with the name and other details of the person. I have 2 more edit text boxes for entering the details of the person.I have another save button which upon pressing must save the image and other details in a table.So everytime a image is captured a new row must be inserted in the table containing the image and details.. How am i supposed to do that? Thanks in advance...

Accepted Answer

ES on 19 Dec 2013
It sounds easy.. upon press of the save button, read the value in the uitable as follows..
NewData={'FileName', 'SavedBy', 'etc etc'};
set the TotalData by using set,

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