problem with Iteration during solving the reynold equation

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Hi everybody,
im trying to calculate two variables (pressure and film thickness of air in an air-bearing) by solving a Reynold-equation using iteraion-loop. The problem is that whenever i change the iteration condition (e by Pn+1 - Pn < e ) i get a different answer which is by very little values of e not correct (and too high). That means that the result increases in inverse propotion to e. I have tried also using relaxation-factor but not a very big change happened.
any answer will be appreciated. tnx

Answers (1)

Carpenter86 on 2 Apr 2017
Since the relaxation did not help and you get convergence but the solution is incorrect, the problem may be in the discretization of equations. Maybe you should start with a simplified solution first by fixing the geometry and then solving only for pressure. You can use a sphere on flat as an example, in this case the pressure distribution have a nicely defined shape. You can also find a matlab code for analytical solution and numerical solution for the lubricated cases, but I think this may help you.


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