Exporting NX (Unigraphics) models to SimMechanics

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Hello. I need to export my NX (Unigraphics) model (a part of it actually - doesn't matter I think) to SimMechanics. Is that technically possible? I found the list of supported CAD systems - there is no NX unfortunately. But probably there is a way?

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 21 Jul 2011
As you found out, NX is not supported out of the box. However, there is an API provided with SimMechanics Link, which (if you have access to the API in NX) would allow to create your own interface. You would need to write the "glue" (C++) between the NX API and the SimMechanics Link API. This would need two components:
  • the user interface part (within NX)
  • the functionality or "callbacks" behind the UI (similar to a MATLAB GUI).
Another option you have, if feasible, is to export the assembly from NX into a standard CAD format that can be read into Pro/E, SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor. After that you can export to SimMechanics using one of these three packages. I have seen this workflow used with other unsupported CAD packages.
Finally, a more manual approach would be to export each part in your CAD assembly to an (ASCII) STL file and use the SimMechanics STL file importer to create a corresponding SimMechanics body block for each part. You would then need to add the joints between the parts manually.
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David on 1 Nov 2013
Another side note: Pro/E has been upgraded and renamed PTC Creo, but it's still supported by the SimMechanics Link. You should see no change in functionality. If anyone out there runs into problems, start a new thread or enter a service request.

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