how to draw random numbers from the vector

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Hi, i have drawn a distribution based on on the generated vector of random numbers.
My question is:
  1. how to draw randomly 10 numbers, and , therefore, 10 values of that distribution.
  2. if it's impossible to find the values of this distribtution, how to simply draw 10 random numbers from , for example, vector of 1000 numbers.

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 19 Mar 2014
If V is your vector of numbers, and N the number of values you want from it, there are various options:
V = 1:2:20, N = 5 % example data
R1 = V(ceil(numel(V)*rand(N,1)) % N random numbers with replacement
R2a = V(randperm(numel(V),N))) % N random values from V without replacement
R2b = randsample(V,N) % same, if you have the Statistics Toolbox
% and many more

More Answers (1)

José-Luis on 19 Mar 2014
doc ranperm
x = rand(1000,1); %could be any other distribution, please see documentation
rand(10,1); %smaller sample from the same distrubution
your_vals = x(randperm(1000,10)); %ten numbers from the first sample


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