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call a function within another function

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How to call a m file(this is also one function) within another function

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nl2605 on 1 Apr 2014

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Abhishek M
Abhishek M on 1 Apr 2014
What I understood is that you are trying to call a m-file through another m-file, if that's what you are trying, then place both the files in the same path and try calling with the same name given for the secondary m-file in the code of the primary m-file.

Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 1 Apr 2014
fucnction functionFileName1()
% Code
functionFileName2; % Another function you want to call

Chandrasekhar on 1 Apr 2014
I guess you want to have two function within same m file.
function fun_one()
fun_two();%this is another function
function fun_two()
%function body here

ragesh r menon
ragesh r menon on 1 Apr 2014
You can use function handles for this. The task is to create a handle of the function you want to call and pass this to the other function. A tutorial is given in the the following link : Applications of Function Handles


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